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VERY very simple addon (help needed please)

Hi... I'm trying to make a very very simple addon, but so far all i've found seems to require way more and i get confused in the lines of code. Could someone please try and help me??

I'm trying to create an addon that counts the amount of times "Power Word: Shield" has been applied during a combat(dont care who did it, just need to know it happened), and then multiply it with a fixed number (1000 for example.)

So an example would be a bossfight where a shield was applied 5 times on total. What i'd like the addon to do is then show me the result of (5 x 1000). Either through a visual box, but could also just be prompted via text or whatever. The design is not even important.

Basically i just want to have a rough estimate how much i shield people for in the TBC expansion, and unfortunately no addons does that as far as i've been able to tell.

I really hope someone can help!

Best regards,
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Christian you were so close to us being able to help you. However, you mentioned this being on a BC realm. And as much as I'd love for Blizzard to release a supported BC realm, they haven't. Further, they've specifically said that hosting them is against the Terms of Service. And as Wowinterface is an official fansite, and we want to keep it that way, no one will be able to help you.

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What he ^^ said.
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