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Thoughts on replacing the DBM radar

You all know that the patch 7.1 broke all the API functions used by DBM to display the radar in an instance. I saw in a forum that "they can't prevent triangulation". And it had me thinking : would that be possible ?

Every player has their distance relative to every other player, right ? So if there is at least 3 other players, there is a way to have an estimation of the position of each player within the room by using triangulation.

Each addon would need to send a list of all the distances to, let's say the leader of the group, which can then compute a map and send it back to the players. Just reposition the map using the player's known position and you've got yourself a radar. An update frequency of 1-2s should not be too heavy, I guess.

What do you think of this ? Is anyone already working on this ?
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Except the change was that the AddOn API no longer knows the player position in dungeons. You can't plot relative position between A and B if you don't know A's position, let alone B's.

You could check if a spell is in range between players. Check the ranges of various spells that have different ranges.
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You don't need to know positions, you can just plot everything relative to the player

That said, there have been some proof of concepts showing this is possible, but in practice, while neat, wouldn't really be that useful considering even using many many iterations, the variation averaged around 15 yards.

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