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Main Map-Changes Scale/Location After Closing

The 'Main Map' changes scale and location after reducing, then returning to full size, using the "M" key. It always displays something wholly different than what was previously displayed. [I haven't yet figured out the rhyme or reason to the view it chooses to display.] It is a pain to always have to re-center on the continent/zone I want then zoom to the desired size.

Is there some way to have the "M" command simply expand the map to the same view/zoom it was showing when it was reduced? Having the option to choose to have my player centered on the map would be a good feature, as well.

I found that clicking on the (very small) X in the upper right of the main map closes it (as well as the mini-map). Then hitting the "M" key opens it (and the mini-map) in the same view that it was when it was closed (with the "X"). It is a hassle to try to click this very small target when closing the main map—which I frequently want to do. Besides, the mini-map also disappears when closing with the "X".

There is a list of options displayed when mini-map is right-clicked. Under the "show' option there is a list of items that can be chosen and/or checked. Clicking on "show/player zone" gives me the display I usually want to view, however there is no check box available (for this one item) to permanently select it. Also, the zoom scale of the display is always the same, regardless of the previous setting
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