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Question Importing Map Notes

Pardon my confusion
I have actually been too sick the last couple of months to check out the Beta vs Release versions, but I seem to recall some question as to whether or not we would lose our existing Map Notes. I would be interested in checking out the latest Alpha but I make heavy use of the Map Notes feature and in fact have several hundred I'd really rather not lose.
I'd be happy to back them up I just have no clue where they are located, or what the specific files are called & I haven't found any called Notes lol
I'd even be willing to transfer them line by line into a new file or page... document... whatever it's called though that is a rather frightening thought lol

So I guess my questions are:
Where do I find my Map Notes, to back those up specifically?
What steps do I need to take (if any) to transfer my Map Notes from my existing Installation of Carbonite to a new version?
Thank you for all of your hard work
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importing is suppose to work, but someone said earlier it's not so I don't know if it is or not (i'll test it in a sec when I get alpha4 done).

To save your current, in your WoW folder (usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft or C:\program files (x86)\World of Warcraft) you want WTF\Account\[Your Account]\SavedVariables ... copy and backup Carbonite.lua as it contains everything notes included.

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