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Is nUI extremely resource heavy? :s

Ok, firstly apology for the large amount of random posts I've been making all over the forums in various places. I'm in the process of trialling the UI to see if it's for me and if I prefer to say ElvUI S&L which is what I came from (I've pretty much tried out all major UIs except this one in the past).

I'm loving the basic style of the UI but one major gamebreaker I've started to notice is the massive impact it seems to have on my framerate. I gave a completely clean install, aren't using too many extra addons and my max fps is usually around 30-40 often dipping and lagging. Even with my usual graphical tweak downs and a couple of Leatrix Plus options which improve graphics performance even more. With ElvUI I would average 60 fps and in non-busy areas I would often reach 100+!

I tried the whole tweaking the nUI refresh level thing and brought it right down to 10 fps. Framerate improvement was probably less than 5fps and now things like castbar animations were ridiculously choppy.

So basically is there something major I'm missing or is nUI pretty resource intensive? I would hate to go back to my old ElvUI setup (not that there was anything truly wrong with it) as I really do love the style of nUI but if it's gonna have such an obvious impact on my framerate I'm gonna have no choice.
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Isn't nUI based on modules? Probably disabling the modules you don't use/need would remove a lot of CPU cycles, saving you some fps hopefully. Sorry if this wasn't helpful.
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Nope, nUI is a single addon so there isn't really any modules to disable. You can add extra options but the base addon isn't broken down further into modules.
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Take a look at nUI6. It doesn't have all the features of nUI, yes, but it's headed there. I think you'll find that it solves the resource and frame rate problem. Though you'll also have issues with it because it is alpha and incomplete.

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Cheers, I'll give it a shot.

I was curious about the current differences with nUI6 anyway so it will be a great excuse to try it out. It's amazing how sporadic the framerate seemed to be. After further playing I noticed sometimes it would still reach up to 70+ yet at particularly busy times it would sink down to 13 or lower.


Eh...give nUI6 a whirl and have to say I am not a fan of it in it's current state. Some UI tweaks are for the worse (no minimap button bag yet, exp/rep bars up top etc) plus the basic slash command doesn't work and plugins are not compatible yet. There might have been a slight FPS jump but not enough to make it worth the loss in functionality.

So I reverted back to nUI5 and tweaked my graphical settings down to fair. Still get the occasional slowdown but overall FPS isn't too bad I guess. Tolerable, one might say. I'm also currently using Carbonite with it but I may remove that so that could also possibly help boost fps although I'm not certain on that.

As previously mentioned I'm still currently in the trial stage so I'm not certain I'll stick with nUI permanently but what I can say is I've tweaked it a little so now it at least LOOKS perfect for me.

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