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03-22-08, 10:48 AM   #1
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Player Name Tags

I am looking for a mod that will allow me to assign names to characters that I interact with in wow.

To be more specific I use an addon called Identity that allows me to assign a tag to any text that I type to any chat frame that I wish to type in that will display my character name, followed by my Main character's name.

What I am looking for is something that will allow me to assign a Main Character name to other peoples alt characters so I can keep track of who is talking in guild chat or who is whispering me.

For example:

[G] Superwarrior: (Mrmage) Hellow world!

Superwarrior = Player's Alt
Mrmage = Player's Main Character that you really know them by.
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Prat has a module that can do this.
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03-22-08, 08:18 PM   #3
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Prat broken

I tried prat, all the options for this part of the addon in its configuration window are greyed out and I am unable to find any option that allows this addon to function.
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Try this, there is an addon that does exactly what you want but i cant seem to find it this is all i came up with


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03-24-08, 08:00 PM   #5
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PALS used to do this, if I understand what you're asking for. Sadly, it died about a year back.

A fellow in my guild maintains a rudimentary addon that allows custom notes to be stored per player, using the rock configuration system. By default, it lists whatever's in the public note column of the guild tab, but you can set it up with a custom note if you so desire.

output looks something like this:

Danguinary (Dan): hi everyone!
Aethra (Jackie): heya Dan!

if that's all you need, then you can grab it here
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