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07-09-09, 11:19 AM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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CowTip - Lua?

Hey there,!
I started to use CowTip again, and started to make it a bit more
like i would have it.

It started pretty good, but the problem is that the mana/rage part doesn't work the way it's supposed to when i point at a NPC.
And since i have no idea how DK's work, is it then correct that they start at
0 %?

this is what's written in the box:
[if HasMP = IsMana = true then TypePower:blue ':':blue end]
[if HasMP = IsEnergy = true then TypePower:yellow ':':yellow end]
[if HasMP = IsRage = true then TypePower:Red ':':Red end]
[if HasMP = IsRunicPower = true then TypePower:Red ':':Red end]
[if HasMP then FractionalMP:Short ' ' PercentMP:Percent:Paren end]

Any help would be good
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07-09-09, 12:03 PM   #2
Coffee powered Kaldorei
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To answer one of your questions; Yes, DKs start at 0% or 0 Runic Power (depending on how you want the display, either % or an actual RP value).
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07-09-09, 12:41 PM   #3
A Defias Bandit
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Thanks alot... So that is in order, now to the hard part..
Can someone solve that for me ?
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07-14-09, 09:13 AM   #4
A Murloc Raider
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I don't know if this works on npc, but might as well give it a try.
[if HasMP then 
  [if IsMana then TypePower:Blue ':':Blue 
   elseif IsEnergy then TypePower:Yellow ':':Yellow
   elseif IsRage then TypePower:Red ':':Red 
   elseif IsRunicPower then TypePower:Red ':':Red end]
FractionalMP:Short ' ' PercentMP:Percent:Paren end]
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07-14-09, 09:20 AM   #5
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Should use IsPlayer instead of HasMP.
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