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A Defias Bandit
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Ephemeral not working.


Recently I downloaded and installed Ephemeral from this here website after it being recomended by many people and it needed for my current Guild. By Mistake I downloaded the 1.6.2 Version instead of the 1.6.3. Without realising I opened WoW and it seemed to be working fine I recieved a box full of books from the guild master and it was doing everything as I would expect. I then tried creating my first item... I clicked any old thing, being instrument, and went to look at the icons available. Once I clicked on the Icon to change it I got an error about the Ephemeralbackpack.lua which I clicked okay and it went away closing the item I was making and leaving it unfinished in the pack. From then on everything started bringing up the error and Ephemeral stoped working alltogether although everything else was fine.

I then found 1.6.3 so deleted the old version and input the new one. Started WoW and everything else seems to work fine but when I click the Ephemeral Icon I just get that same error message. I can't access Ephemeral at all now I just get the Error.

I have friends that use it and it works for them so why not me? I tried turning off all other AddOn's and things but to no avail.

The Error is somthing like this.. "Interface/AddOns/Ephemeral/Ephemeralbackpack.lua (forget this part) (a nil value)

For reference the other AddOn's I have are: Telko's Lootlink and flagRSP

Right now I completly removed Ephemeral in the hope of trying it again later today. Has anyone had this and found a fix?

Thanks for any help and suggestions ^_^

Link for the Mod: Ephemeral

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A Cyclonian
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Have you deleted the variables file for Ephemeral? You'd be surprised at how many times that will fix a problem entirely. Of course, you'll have to get the books from your guildmaster again, but eh.

If you don't know how to do this: Go to your World of Warcraft/WTF/<your account>/SavedVariables folder. It'll be in that folder.
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A Defias Bandit
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Ah ha... That may be my problem. I'll give it ago when I get home in about an hour... Honest I do work... Not just fix my gaming problems... >.>
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A Defias Bandit
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Thank you very much. Doing that has cleared the Error and it is now working as it should.
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