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08-16-10, 02:10 PM   #21
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I've deleted a lot of chars, but currently, I have the following:

1x 80 Warlock
2x 60 warlock
2x 80 Druid
2x 60 Hunter
1x 80 Mage
2x 80 Death Knight
2x 70 Death Knight
... and several others under 30.

Last time I checked, the limit per account was 50 chars.
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I'm in the same boat as recluse with lower-level alts, but also have 11 80s currently (only class duplicated is mage, but one is Alliance and one Horde). Of all classes, though, I think I have more lower level druids than any other class - it's always been my favourite class

I like the variety and ability to change my role or playstyle at will. There are days I feel like PvPing on my feral druid (usually), but other days my elemental shaman comes out for some fun when I don't feel like mauling faces physically. PvE-wise, the feral is also a tank, as is my DK...and both raid. It's quite fun to see the differences in tanking styles, strengths, and weaknesses of each in the same situations. It's also saved me a bit in dual-spec hassles at times.

The downside: it can get confusing with keybindings (I'm not a clicker). Years ago, I started grouping my keybindings by "like function", so things like roots, frost nova, etc all get the same keybindings. Same for defencive cooldowns and so forth. Saves a lot of the shellshock from swapping classes multiple times in one day.
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09-23-10, 06:42 PM   #23
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3 or 4 level 80s isn't enough to raise eyebrows any more, the bar is alot higher.

In BC, I mentioned in guildchat that I completed over 100 daily quests on my 4 80s (I didn't turn them all in that day obviously). I was told to go get a BJ.

In wotlk, I announced that I had loremaster on 2 toons. I was told that I was a sick man.
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