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11-14-13, 03:05 PM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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Problem with carbonite UI

On one character which is my DK, it works flawlessly, then when i created a new char, a Shaman, the lag between kills was awful, like 5-10 secs each kill, the map took forever to load, etc..so i disabled it, but on my dk, it works just fine. Anyone have any idea what could cause it to work on one char and not on another ??? confused here lol
11-15-13, 03:07 AM   #2
A Molten Giant
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Something other than default settings somewhere sounds like the culprit here, since you would have gotten the default settings on your new toon.

ISTR there's a way to copy settings from one toon to another, but I don't remember how.
03-25-14, 03:12 PM   #3
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Carbonite Options > Reset > Import settings from a character.

This is what I do to set up Carbonite on all my alts. Configure it on your main, then just import your mains settings on each alt. Most addons have these types of "profiles," making configuring alts a breeze.

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