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Character Stats not loading on PLAYER_LOGIN

Hello, I am new and noob to WoW addons development.
As an exercise I am trying to do a little panel with player stats in it, but actually I am failing to do so
With the following code, when I enter into the game my stat is 0.000.
Any help? Thanks in advance!

Lua Code:
  1. function round(number, decimals)
  2.         return (("%%.%df"):format(decimals)):format(number)
  3.     end
  5.     local crit = round(GetCritChance(), 3)
  7.     local c = CreateFrame("Frame", "myframe", UIParent)
  9.     c:SetWidth(400)
  10.     c:SetHeight(200)
  11.     c:SetPoint("TOP", UIParent, "CENTER")
  12.     c:SetFrameStrata("MEDIUM")
  14.     c.tex = c:CreateTexture()
  15.     c.tex:SetAllPoints(c)
  16.     c.tex:SetColorTexture( unpack(cfg.color))
  18.     c.text = c:CreateFontString(nil,"ARTWORK","GameFontNormal")
  19.     c.text:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",8,-10)
  20.     c.text:SetTextColor(classColor.r, classColor.g, classColor.b)
  22.     c:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_LOGIN")
  24.     c:SetScript("OnEvent", function()
  25.        c.text:SetText( "Crit: " .. crit )
  26.     end)

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