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What am I doing wrong?

Im trying to learn to make addons. After some starter addons I wanted to make one useful for my rogue, taking as base the Tick addon for rogues by Klesp. From it I extracted the core routine that makes the tick, so my own addon only had that (removed all the nice graphics, options, etc).

And it works *almost* well, but like 1/3 of the times the tick doesnt happen when it should and you hear 2 ticks: the right one and another one I dont know why it happens. Have been trying to find the mistake for 3 days and dont know what else could I try.

So, please, please, could someone take a look to the addon and tell me what am I doing wrong? (The lua file has like 30 lines only.)

Here is the addon: http://www.telefonica.net/web/kinox/jmTickMore2.zip

Thank you very much in advance!

PD: You have to use a rogue to try it (has not any kind of checks)
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