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Updating addons to current patch..

Hi guys,

First let me start off by saying, the information I'm gathering is not to attempt to rip off other addon authors/dev's. (As someone so politely asked me in another forum)

What I'm trying to find out is: How do you update an addon to be compatible with the current WoW release?

I've searched google and forums, but usually what I find is "just change xxxxx in the .toc file" and I know this to not be what I am looking for. Currently, I own "World of Warcraft Programming" and am trying to learn XML/LUA so that eventually I may create my own addons, and while the book is great, as are websites, I find I learn better by looking at other works already working. I'm on the PTR and right now all of my addons I have work, with the exception of FuBar. I have all of the little plugins for FuBar, but the bars themselves do not show up. It is quite possible that the author of FuBar will update for patch 3.2, but I've chosen that as my "Lets look at this and try to figure out how to make it work" piece.

The only programming I'm familiar with is HTML and a little CSS from designing websites. I learned HTML by looking at others' codes and 'tweaking' it to make it do what I want, if that makes any sense? Now I can write a full website without having to cross-reference any other sites. That's how I learn.

Apologies for being so verbose! If anyone is able to help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I know from the book and other sites that Blizzard changes/updates the API (which I have yet to figure out completely) and that is what usually needs to be updated to make an addon compatible with the latest WoW version, but I have no clue how to go about doing that. Until I can figure it out, I'm not comfortable creating my own addons, as I know firsthand how fustrating it is to find a great addon only for the author to let it go..

Many thanks,

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