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EquipSetManager and icon replacements

If you are using custom icon replacements, as in putting your own tga files into Interface\ICONS, the EquipmentManager icon selector will fail to set a correct icon path for every spell whose icon you are trying to use and fall back to the question mark icon.

Video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/..._09-18-35.webm
(I am using an addon in the video that expands the icon selection screen, but the problem happens without any addons, too)

Example of such a icon pack: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...nPackBlue.html

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I've seen a number of people having this problem


GetEquipmentSetIconInfo() would start returning texture paths with a dot appended (?) after the inventory gear items and in alphabetical order
Same for GetSpellorMacroIconInfo() after the class specific spell icons

With Equipment Manager window open:
Lua Code:
  1. /run for i = 15, 20 do print(i, GetEquipmentSetIconInfo(i)) end
Lua Code:
  1. 15, 133452
  2. 16, 1034142
  3. 17, 1085039
  4. 18, "6BF_Blackrock_Nova."
  5. 19, "6BF_Explosive_Shard."
  6. 20, "6BF_Retched_Blackrock."
That looks like it's from GetLooseMacroItemIcons() and GetLooseMacroIcons()

(Edit) I was wrong about that part, I'm guessing it's SaveEquipmentSet() only accepting FileDataIDs, while CreateMacro() accepts both FileDataIDs and texture paths (with or without dot)
Lua Code:
  1. CreateMacro("test1", 135953) -- works
  2. CreateMacro("test2", "Spell_Holy_Renew") -- works
  3. CreateMacro("test3", "Spell_Holy_Renew.") -- works
  5. SaveEquipmentSet("test1", 135953) -- works
  6. SaveEquipmentSet("test2", "Spell_Holy_Renew") -- does not work (question mark)
  7. SaveEquipmentSet("test3", "Spell_Holy_Renew.") -- does not work (question mark)
  9. SetGuildBankTabInfo(1, "test1", 135953) -- works
  10. SetGuildBankTabInfo(1, "test2", "Spell_Holy_Renew") -- works
  11. SetGuildBankTabInfo(1, "test3", "Spell_Holy_Renew.") -- works

Certain (?) custom/skinned iconsthat are not normally macro icons would only work as FileDataIDs
Lua Code:
  1. CreateMacro("test1", 1392922) -- works
  2. CreateMacro("test2", "70_inscription_deck_Hellfire_3") -- does not work (green)
  3. CreateMacro("test3", "70_inscription_deck_Hellfire_3.") -- does not work (green)
  5. CreateMacro("test1", 236834) -- works
  6. CreateMacro("test2", "Achievement_Zone_StormPeaks_03") -- works
  7. CreateMacro("test3", "Achievement_Zone_StormPeaks_03.") -- works

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Preventing them from filling the *_ICON_FILENAMES tables is a workaround at least
Lua Code:
  1. GetLooseMacroItemIcons = function() end
  2. GetLooseMacroIcons = function() end
  • This won't fix custom icons (as in custom icon paths from addons) though, the duplicates(?) just won't show up in the icon selector

(I'd like to post this on the US forums but I'm on EU)

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