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Quirks with GetAutoCompleteResults

[23:18:04] Stanzilla: TheDanW Guill any idea what randomly breaks the auto complete popup for real id names?
[23:19:32] Guill: Stanzilla: GetAutoCompleteResults does not return RID names when called from tainted code. It's part of the tech that prevents AddOns from getting the real names of your friends.
[23:20:19] Stanzilla: Guill: so because it randomly works, I assume that is just pre-taint
[23:20:24] Stanzilla: and then something ruins it
[23:21:08] Guill: Stanzilla: Sounds correct to me. It also does still auto-complete on whole-word boundaries even from tainted code. (e.g. it'll auto-complete "Sylvanas Windrunner" if you type in "Sylvanas", but not from "Sylv")
[23:22:05] Stanzilla: Guill: hrm ok, any hints on what could taint that part? And I think it did work for me with the first name only either when it was broken
[23:23:37] Stanzilla: Guill: ah I see, it does work if I already talked to that person this session, but not if it is a new one, cache?
[23:24:11] Guill: Stanzilla: That sounds odd
[23:24:21] Stanzilla: I can demo
[23:25:03] Stanzilla: Guill: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/..._23-24-31.webm
[23:25:13] Stanzilla: as you can see, I have talked with dominik before, but not with bernd
[23:25:16] Stanzilla: it works with d but not with b
[23:28:44] Guill: Stanzilla: And you have an online RID friend whose first name is "bernd"?
[23:29:04] Stanzilla: Guill: two actually
[23:29:25] Guill: I'm not sure then. Possibly a bug.
Since it already is tainted code, the only improvement/fix would be for that second part, where it should work when the user provides the first name already and it does not complete there.

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