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Originally Posted by thesnowedone View Post
A thought that I had on this for simplying the raid frames a little is to have some simple mode settings:

Tank Mode
This has an emphasis on threat and aggro - perhaps with larger spaces for people who had definate aggro and larger threat bars.

Healer Mode
This one focuses on health and debuffs - with health in deficits (so you can budget the size heals you want to do) and larger spaces for debuffs as well as configurable buff timers so you can track things like rejuv/renew/lifeblooms.

DPS/Default Mode
Mostly similiar to now.

You could then have a switch/toggle to go between all modes.
I'd rather have the ability to make my own modes and concentrate on what i want rather then have 3 (or N) predefined modes. Maybe i want a feature from Tank and one from healer...
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I don't think he was saying to take away the option to customize it but only to give 3 base layouts to work with from there. I do agree its a very interesting idea

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Originally Posted by neuralassassin View Post
I don't think he was saying to take away the option to customize it but only to give 3 base layouts to work with from there. I do agree its a very interesting idea
I interpreted it that way, as well. The default layout, out of the box, would support three modes. What you do with it after that is entirely your own fault ~grin~

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Great ideas! I'm looking forward to features like these.

It would be nice to have an option to only show debuffs that the player can dispel. As a priest in-game, I don't need a poison or curse colored border around the frames because I can't cure those, only diseases and magic. And having too many indicators can make it harder to detect the more important things.

If this could be added, I'd gladly take out all of my many Grid addons and just use nUI's unit frames .
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Actually, if I'm not mistaken you can turn the debuff colors off for the ones you don't want via slash commands. Not sure of the exact syntax but I thought I saw it somewhere.

found it
/nui feedback curse
/nui feedback disease
/nui feedback magic
/nui feedback poison

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Oh, I didn't know about those commands til today. Thanks! I also just found out that those commands now appear when typing /nui help. I haven't checked those in awhile hehe.

Hmm, I'll still use Grid for tracking my HoTs and buffs, but at least I can use the nUI frames for everything else now
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Centralized raidframe structure/party structure
I love this ui, especially as it seems less memory-intensive than the last incarnation. I would love to use it without any other raid frame, but there's one thing that's forcing me to stick with GRID right now, and that's the layout of the raid frames.

While very pretty in terms of balance, for a healer having the raid frames split up over a large amount of real estate is problematic. Most of my other primary objections (such as the party pet frame being miniscule) I can modify on my own, but this one is monster in the room for me. I guess, as a healer I want a very short list of things in my raid frames:

(1) "fat" health bars. So I can mouse over them and see them easiliy.
(2) debuffs
(3) incoming heals
(4) HoT tracker
(5) everything close together so I don't have to move my mouse very far.

I realize from a symmetry standpoint fixing (5) is definitely a bit complicated, and one of the beauties of this UI is its symmetry.
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I thought i would input why i like grid. This is from a healer point of view and my personal likes.

Basic Information: With grid all i see is class colored boxes with a name inside, a little icon which shows only things the class i am playing can decurse, and numbers indicating how much i am healing that person for, and any other incoming heals on them. No power/mana bars, or any other information, in my opinion, useless information. Just thick class colored buttons that deplete when a person is getting smacked up.

I have tried using the raid frames in nUI+ but there is just so much going on, that is is hard to tell who need healing etc. This is the main thing that has reverted me back to using Grid. If nUI's raid frames where as "simple" as Grid's, that would be one less addon that i would need.

But that is not to put down your fine work Scott. You have done a wonderful job, but in my opinion less can be more in some cases.

I hope that made sense. I would be happy to provide anymore feed back if required.


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