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Originally Posted by kaimox View Post
I'm also on Linux and I use a simple python script ... to pull updates from curse. ... Other alternatives are ...
The problem with all of those is that none of them, as far as I can tell, are capable of recognizing addons that are already installed, or that get installed outside of them. With 150+ addons, like hell am I manually locating and reinstalling them all through the app. It's also the unfortunate reality that hobbyist projects like these tend to be an awful user experience for anyone with even mild visual impairments.

I ran the original Curse Client in VirtualBox for a while after switching to Linux, but once they killed that off, I was finally motivated to wite my own script to install and update addons from the command line. If you're interested, you can find it here: https://github.com/phanx/wow-addon-updater. It updates addons from both Curse and WoWI, detects new addons (it doesn't currently auto-detect WoWI sources, but you can specify the match manually, and it's on my to-do list), and ignores Git/SVN repos (another glaring omission in most updaters, even WoWI's Minion).

Originally Posted by kaimox View Post
On a general note, I'm really sad about the way curse went ... I remember a pleasant community when it still was wowace. With curse the site got more commercial but it was still a good place to go to. Now they won't let me login anymore and I think that's it for me. I don't want an account with twitch, I neither like their TOS nor their privacy statement nor their business in general.
Agreed 100%. With each new merger or site overhaul, the site got worse and worse, and the community less and less active. Closing the Wowace forums was the last straw; the current CurseForge "forum" runs on some hand-rolled solution that isn't a real forum and has been unpleasant to look at and use since day one. Other than a few feedback posts, I haven't read or posted anything there in years now.

Originally Posted by kaimox View Post
Does the new twitch-curse have any significant advantages for addon authors? If they profit I would maybe rethink my opinion, although, like the OP, I would prefer addon authors to post here.
The only tangible advantage is the author rewards program, which gives me a share of their ads / premium subscription revenue based on how often my addons are downloaded, but it's declined over the years -- at least in part because I quit WoW and have hardly maintained my addons, let alone done any active development, but that only accelerated the decline that was already in progress -- and at my current income level it's quite insignificant.

Originally Posted by VincentSDSH View Post
I was sorely tempted to delete my addons from Curse after the Twitch forced-paring (as I don't have nor want a twitch acct) but, as the OP mentioned, there's a lot of folks using Curse -- I get the predominance of my users from there, unfortunately. Even so, I'm still strongly considering it.
If you're on Linux, you may be interested in this packaging and uploading script. It replicates the functionality of the Curse packager, and can upload the resulting ZIP file to Curse, WoWI, and GitHub. While the Twitch account pairing is annoying, I have to actually log into the Curse website approximately never, so it's hardly a deal-breaker.
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