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Event LUA_WARNING payload 0 and NULL

I did register for the event LUA_WARNING in case it would catch some of the silent errors that I have been getting, and indeed I do receive these events. The problem is that the payload is 0 (null) every single time and I can't for the world understand what is going wrong. I have no problem getting the payload from any of the other events that I am handling.

Here is the function that is receiving and handling the events:

local function AST_Event_LUAWarning(self, event, ...)
 local warnType, warningText = ...
 print("Warning: LUA_WARNING, type: " .. tostring(warnType) .. ", text: " .. warningText)
The function is handled by a generic event handler that I made. It is working for all other events, but I include it in case someone wants to investigate:

local function AST_EventAlreadyRegistered(newEventName)
 assert(type(newEventName) == "string", "Error: function AST_EventAlredyRegistered(newEventName)\n   - Input type is not a 'string'.")

 if not (type(newEventName) == "string") then
  print("Error: function AST_EventAlredyRegistered(newEventName)")
  print("   - Input type is not a 'string'.")
  return false
 for i, item in ipairs(_V.Events) do
  local existingEventName, func = item["eventName"], item["func"]
  if newEventName == existingEventName then
   return true
 return false

local function AST_RegisterEvent(frame, eventName, func)
 if AST_EventAlreadyRegistered(eventName) then
  print("Warning: function AST_RegisterEvent(eventName, func)")
  print("   - Silently dropping double registering of event '" .. eventName .. "'.")
 local item = {frame = frame, eventName = eventName, func = func}
 table.insert(_V.Events, item)

local function AST_MainEventHandler(self, event, ...)
 local eventWasHandled = false
 for i, item in ipairs(_V.Events) do
  if item.eventName == event then
   eventWasHandled = true

   local t = type(item.func)

   if t == "function" then
    item.func(self, event, ...)

   elseif t == "nil" then
    print("Notice: Event '" .. event .. "' was subscribed to, but not assigned any action.")
    print("Warning: function AST_RegisterEvent(frame, eventName, func)")
    print("   - Encountered data type for event function other than 'function' or 'nil'.")
    print("     Type: " .. t .. ", Value: " .. tostring(item.func) .. ".")
 if not eventWasHandled then
  print("Warning: AST_MainEventHandler(self, event, ...)")
  print(".  - Event '" .. event .. "' was fired, but not handled because it is unrecognised.")
  print("   - If you see this message, you might want to create handlers to deal with those events.")
My question is: Why is there no payload/is there anything that I am doing wrong? I can't find anything online regarding this event than type and text should be the payload for this event.

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