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Removing minimap buttons from the minimap button bag?

I would love to have my blizzard calendar button back on the minimap. It flashes when you have an invite to something and I never see my invites cause the button is always in the bag. Can I get it out and back on the minimmap somehow? Or maybe put an indicator on the clock that will blink when I have an invite?

Awesome UI by the way. Totally love it.
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I think there is a slash command to do that already built in .. /nui calendar if I remember right to toggle the display in or out of bag.
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Here's a list of nUI's slash commands. The only relevant one I saw at a brief glance was /nUI bb which toggles the button bag on and off.

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The better list to use is this one: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=21199

I phased out the FAQ section on the web site as it was too much trouble to maintain in two places. The relevant command we're after is this one...
  • /nui calendar

    By default, nUI moves the guild calendar button from the minimap into the button bag. This option toggles that on and off allowing for leaving the guild calendar displayed on the minimap.

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Thanks this is exactly what I wanted and the button is in the perfect place too. Right smack dab in the middle over the clock. Perfect!
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What about say, if we wanted all buttons to go on the minimap and to not use that minimap button bag at all? Is this currently possible? - Update: Just checked some of the other topics and seen that it's not a high priority issue. Nvm me.

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FWIW, I tend to ignore the button bag I turn off minimap buttons in almost all my add ons in favor of using LDB brokers and ChocolateBar. YMMV, of course.

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