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Smart way to register unit aura event for all raid members

Hello! So i am reaching out for some smart advice to register every raid member in a a raid on the unit_aura event.

Some quick info about the addon: I am gathering each raid members debuffs (UnitDebuff()) and checking if a debuff on the raid member exists in my pre defined list of debuffs that i am checking.

How would a smart way be to register all the raid members on the event "UNIT_AURA" for this?

What i currently have is something along this line

Lua Code:
  1. local frame = CreateFrame("FRAME", nil); -- Frame that register various events in the world
  3. function frame:UNIT_AURA()
  4.     -- check if every raid member inside my raid have any of the following debuffs in my debuff list
  5. end
  7. function frame:PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD(event, ...)
  8.     if(IsInRaid("player")) then --
  9.         for i = 1, MAX_RAID_MEMBERS do --(40)
  10.             if(UnitName("raid"..i) ~= nil) then
  11.                 frame:RegisterEvent("UNIT_AURA", "raid"..i)
  12.             end
  13.         end
  14.     end
  15. end
  18. frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
  19.         self[event](self, event, ...)
  20.     end)
  21. frame:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD");

Would this be a good and smart way to register all the raid members under the event "UNIT_AURA" in order to check the raid members for debuffs? It is important for me to have the frame:UNIT_AURA() function executed whenever anything in regards to debuffs happends on whatever player in my raid. Kinds regards!

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