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Carbonite Maps not functioning as usual

I just began questing in Jade Forest (so much schoolwork, I just now got on!) and downloaded the newest version of Carbonite; quests ARE showing up on my map, but only as individual dots... They're normally shaded in regions. How do I make it give me the whole area, instead of just the little (and to be honest, not very helpful) dot? I'm assuming that this is something in the options menu, not the addon itself messing up.

Thanks in advance for help!
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You don't. That feature of carbonite is currently broken, at least for some quests (newer ones, such as those in Pandaria). Your next question will be "when will it be fixed?" Unknown. Rythal has a number of things to do, and has recently asked in another thread what people want first (questing fixed). So he'll be working on that as priority one, but how long it will take to figure out how Faatal and Haavok did the database, clean up the code, add the new quest data, check the old data, etc. is unknown, probably even to Rythal.

I see that there are more votes for working on the maps now than there were, so maybe Rythal will do that first.

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