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easytricks need help

This was the best addon for tricks for rogues i have found it was small and did the job of reminding me to use my tricks.
So im asking someone to please pick this up and repair it so it can be used with this xpac i would do it but i dont know anything about wrighting or rewrighting and addon. If you can please take a look at this one and see what can be done. Thank you
I really didnt know where to post this hope im not messing up.
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This? http://www.wowinterface.com/download...asyTricks.html

/edit: a link is usually a good idea. Also, you should state exactly what is wrong with it.
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Red face easy tricks

Yes that is the one it is also on cursed.com Reloaded it to try to see to explain what is wrong, first when i open it and go to settings and then click on configuration mode it works but after i move it in to place and then uncheck the donfigure mode it jumps to a different position several of the checked boxes are highlighted which was not the case before you cant seem to uncheck the boxes it just highlights them again. Also it wont come out of configure mode. Hope this helps explain it i have no idea how addons work only that they do or dont lol thanks for your reply.
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