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No ID for @mouseover nameplate of current target

I found a wierd issue, which might be related to some add on I have, but it isn't a big enough nuisance I'm ignoring it for now.

For WeakAura 2, I borrowed some code to make a mouseover that would put a red alert at my cursor when a mob is in execute range.

It worked fine, but I noticed it didn't work when I targetted the name plate. Much frustration later... I discovered that I was being told there was no unit under the mouse when I had it over the name plate.... but only if the nameplate was of the mob I was currently targetting.

Any other mobs' nameplate would work as expected. Since I was using this just as a quick way of mouseover sniping mobs near execute range that were not my target, the inability to get an alert when hovering over my target's nameplate isn't hurtful, but... I'm curious.
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The nameplate for your target is non-interactive, this is (most likely) to allow you to target something behind it.

You could simply fall back on your target's health if you have no mouseover unit.
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10-04-15, 11:07 AM   #3
A Defias Bandit
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That makes sense, thanks.

I hadn't yet thought of doing that, but that could work with my macros as fall back.
Not sure though it makes sense in a visual UI sense though, harder to automatically parse the switching between realizing whether it is giving me information based on mouseover or default.

Oh wait, I don't want it to work like that, I worked it so hard to make sure that when there's no unit hovered it shows nothing.

No worries, thanks again
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