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08-16-11, 11:11 AM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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New designer questions

Hi all!

I downloaded nUI, saw the several cool looking skins and thought 'Hey, this could make fun!'. I already made a simple design, just to see how it works. But I have some questions regarding sharing. Do you want to see designs before I upload any to the directory? Oh and where can I upload my designs? I can't see any categories for nUI. What kind of modifications should be done after patches? Will only the version number change or are there other changes too? What else should I keep in mind?

Here's what I've done so far. As I mentioned, it's just a first draft
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One place to put em is


I don't think Spiel has any specific rules about skins, just be aware that less then skinny clothed people as a background may be against he TOS of this site, and perhaps any to bloody looking art perhaps.

As for updating, if you mean WoW patches, changing the toc should be enough, if nUI then unless you go from nUI5 to nUI6 I don't think there is any need to change things.

Kinda like the little touches you did on the screen shot. Keep it up.
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aww, there is the upload button, thanks

What is the consensus about transparent designs? I just have difficulties to get used to this wide black interface... especially while flying/moving. Maybe it will be better with time
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Well, for transparent dashboard you might want to read these



I'm not sure how relevant the file editing is anymore, since nUi has the /nui viewport command that disables the viewport and I guess the problem described in the faq is no longer relevant.

Since nUI is mostly mend as a all in one mod and easy to make it look how you want it the consensus on transparent dashboards doesn't really matter.

Unfortunately, nUI5 kinda lacks the easy way to adjust the gui. nUI6 should improve that tho. (meaning most "skins" still use the default layout and dont move anything around)
Take it as you want or leave it as it is.
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You've pretty much got all of the right answers here. The only caution is that I would not invest much effort in customizing the layout of nUI5 because it is not compatible with nUI6 -- however, I'm talking about the layout and not the art... the default layout between nUI5 and nUI6 do use the same art, so no worries there.

As for transparent backgrounds, with the current version of nUI5, all you have to do is set the viewport option off, so it's not as big a deal as it was.

That said, I will point out one thing most people don't realize... nUI actually shows *MORE* of the 3D world than the regular screen does... it's just in a slightly smaller area. The nUI viewport moves the bottom edge of the world view up to the top of the dashboard... so, you see the exact same vertical world space with and without nUI when the viewport is enabled. However, if you pay close attention, you'll see that the nUI viewport shows you *more* width in the world view than with nUI disabled.

So, while is may feel like you see less because of the dashboard, it's actually an optical illusion... you see more. As long as you're not playing on a small monitor, it's a non issue. On a small monitor, however, the viewport is admittedly small.

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