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Talking WoW Models

Well, it says ANYTHING off-topic.. so Cairenn, please dont yell at me

If anybody plays Warcraft 111, and is familiar with World-Editor and creating models, I would like you to export a few things

A Dwarf in Full Dreadnaught Gear With a Misplaced Servo Arm in the right hand and Aegis of the Blood God in the other.

Also, a Flesh Titan from the dungeon Naxxramas.

And one other final thing. A Rock Elemental from the dungeon Molten Core, exept white.

If you could import these, that would be nice Thanks!

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Originally Posted by Flamingo
Well, it says ANYTHING off-topic.. so Cairenn, please dont yell at me
Ah, but it also says you aren't allowed to discuss breaking Blizz EULA/ToU: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...8743#post28743

And changing models is against them. Sorry.
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