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07-30-06, 04:13 PM   #1
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Talking My Cute Lil UI!

^_^;; Hi hi my first time around..

I didn't really know where to post this so.. I thought it might be here, please don't be harsh or too critical on me.


Can you look at this and tell me what should I add or remove? I like it to be fancy and always dreamed of making it with what I have now but fancier and looks cute, like Insomniax except Insomniax doesn't have what I want but it looks good. -drools-

I use a lot of mods because I actually use the functionality, and.. I found a list in WTF folder, I hope it's not too long -

Atlas: enabled
Auctioneer: enabled
ChatScroll: enabled
CT_RaidAssist: enabled
DamageMeters: enabled
Darkmoon: enabled
Decursive: enabled
ElitePlayerFrame: enabled
Enchantrix: enabled
EnhTooltip: enabled
FelwoodGather: enabled
GroupCalendar: enabled
Informant: enabled
LootHog: enabled
MapCoords: enabled
ntmysFixLoadingTimes: enabled
ReagentData: enabled
ReagentInfo: enabled
sct: enabled
sct_options: enabled
SheepWatch: enabled
Stubby: enabled
QuickLoot: enabled
TheoryCraft: enabled
TitanLootHog: enabled
BonusScanner: enabled
Titan: enabled
TitanAmmo: enabled
TitanBag: enabled
TitanClock: enabled
TitanCoords: enabled
TitanHonorPlus: enabled
TitanItemBonuses: enabled
TitanLootType: enabled
TitanMoney: enabled
TitanPerformance: enabled
TitanRegen: enabled
TitanRepair: enabled
TitanRider: enabled
TitanStanceSets: enabled
TitanXP: enabled
TitanZoneSpeed: enabled
TotemTimers: enabled
WeaponQuickSwap: enabled
AutoBuff: enabled
ChatLog: enabled
LootLink: enabled
CT_UnitFrames: enabled
Bartender: enabled
BetterEXP: enabled
CT_MailMod: enabled
CT_RABossMods: enabled
GuildEventManager2: enabled
IBRezTimer: enabled
simpleMinimap: enabled
linkSnag: enabled
RecipeBook: enabled
CritLine: enabled
TitanCritLine: enabled
ItemRack: enabled
Adapt: enabled
BankStatement: enabled
CallToArms: enabled
ChatLogger: enabled
ChatTimestamp: enabled
Badapples: enabled
Chatmanager: enabled
Notebook: enabled
!ClearFont: enabled
Confab: enabled
Cryolysis: enabled
DiscordLibrary: enabled
DiscordUnitFrames: enabled
DiscordUnitFramesOptions: enabled
eCastingBar: enabled
EquipCompare: enabled
FishingBuddy: enabled
GFW_HuntersHelper: enabled
FriendsFacts: enabled
Gatherer: enabled
!ImprovedErrorFrame: enabled
KLHThreatMeter: enabled
MarsProfessionOrganizer: enabled
MetaMap: enabled
MetaMapBKP: enabled
MetaMapBLT: enabled
MetaMapBWP: enabled
MetaMapCVT: enabled
MetaMapEXP: enabled
MetaMapFWM: enabled
MetaMapZSM: enabled
MonkeyBuddy: enabled
MonkeyClock: enabled
MonkeyLibrary: enabled
MonkeyQuest: enabled
MonkeySpeed: enabled
myAddOns: enabled
MyChannel: enabled
myMemory: enabled
myReloadUI: enabled
!OmniCC: enabled
Opium: enabled
OutfitDisplayFrame: enabled
QuestLevel: enabled
RecipeRadar: enabled
RessChatter: enabled
SemiTransparentBags: enabled
Aspected: enabled
!StopTheSpam: enabled
SuperInspect: enabled
SuperInspect_UI: enabled
TipBuddy: enabled
TitanAllPlayed: enabled
TrackerBar: enabled
TrinketMenu: enabled
!!Warmup: enabled
ZoneLevel: enabled
AtlasLoot: enabled
CT_PlayerNotes: enabled
FlexBar: enabled
IsMounted: enabled
Soundtrack: enabled

One or two I probably don't use and it's still in there I don't know why but yes that's what I have, using myMemory addon, I get about or up to 100mb when I press ctrl-r.

So... I'm curious, what should I add to my screen or remove to make it look good?

And... is there a mod that fade or disappear everything you see currently on the screen until I mouse over it? Does it save memory?

I think that's it. Thank you. ^_^
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08-24-06, 03:17 AM   #2
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09-03-06, 02:45 AM   #3
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That is all in your WTF folder? !
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09-03-06, 03:06 AM   #4
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thats a nice little UI you have there
ild recommend replacing some of those addons, at 1 point i was up around 100mb myself (mostly due to not-so-well-coded mods and large databases) ive since slimmed down to around 30mb with everything loaded and still have all the old functionality i had (and found some great new ones as well) (also, swap out titan for fubar, similar functionality and fubar is phenomenal on resources, you can get it here at WoWI)
also, you have some redundant mods listed, ie ct_unitframes isnt needed if youre using discord etc

couple tips regarding mods
only enable what you need, if youre on a shaman character, no need for hunter's helper ;-)
if youre not pvp'n, disable pvp mods etc etc
an in-game mod manager is very useful for this

as for what to add to your ui...
if you like colors and bright stuff etc (which im guessing you do from your screenie) perhaps letterbox it and add some color in behind the chat areas, nestle your buttons, unitframes etc in the non-rendered area and it doesnt effect your game view at all
personally, i tend to stick to one color scheme/texture per UI and build/mold it around that graphically (currently redoing mine lol, then again i always am)
so try playing around in photoshop and making some textures to add into your UI, great sources of inspiration can be seen in the UI forums at dsicordmods.com

in regards to your selection of mods, i highly recommend checking out some ace addons and get away from that 100mb mark ;-)
you can find an excellent selection of Ace mods here at WoWI or at wowace.com on the forums.
best of luck in creating the mod/ui of your dreams, or at least tweaking it forever cuz its always "almost perfect, jus 1 more lil change..." lol
feel free to contact me if youre in need of any more specific addon ideas etc, always happy to help

about making things "hide" until you mouseover, theres no "all-in-one" mod for that, but a number of things, say action bars/buttons can be scripted to hiode until you mouse over them or things like that (useful for, say, a buffbar, which you only cast spells from once every 20+mins or so)

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11-02-06, 10:15 AM   #5
A Kobold Labourer
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Wow, i went thru and basicaly did all that you have, I love it!
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11-02-06, 11:04 AM   #6
Don't Panic
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WOW! and I thought that I had a long list of addons...
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11-02-06, 11:24 AM   #7
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Originally Posted by Seraphine
One or two I probably don't use and it's still in there I don't know why but yes that's what I have, using myMemory addon, I get about or up to 100mb when I press ctrl-r.

So... I'm curious, what should I add to my screen or remove to make it look good?
I suggest you remove everything and re-add stuff to make your UI use ALOT less memory! I'll add a link to my UI, I got alot of stuff that I don't use and I usally have between 23 and 30mb memory usage... Is the game even playable with 100mb memory usage?

Here is my UI: http://img132.imagevenue.com/img.php..._122_301lo.jpg

If you want I can get a picture of my add-ons later, but now I need to go to sleep.
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11-02-06, 12:45 PM   #8
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mem usage generally doesnt matter for playability, increasing rate does.

mem usage only causes lag if you have like 512mb ram or so , and it increasing your loading time if you have to load a lto of addons.

but still id suggest changing the whole list of yours because i didnt even bother to read all of it but there is no way you need all of it.
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