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Re: What it takes

I am very concerned for the continuation of this add-on. I do not feel overwhelming optimism for the donation model. I intend to continue to contribute the amount of my subscription and my daughters; however I would be willing to contribute more if I knew what was needed.

Clearly, based on the skewed sense of entitlement ( I shouldn't have to work to pay you for your work - your work should be free) as indicated by a considerable portion of the WoW board posters; posting any actual figures would no doubt cause more damage than good. I'm sure you've already considered posting a percentage graph w/out hard numbers (a la fundraisers) and I'd like to say that I'd appreciate it.

I'd rather donate more than have you cut back hours on however many are on your team.

I don't like adverts, I appreciate good visual design, and your support is fantastic. Please let us know what is needed. If I could I'd pay for a full year for the entire team just to send a big <censored>-U to Blizzard, I would.


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Many people won't pay for something unless they have to. Our income has dropped sharply since switching to donations, which is why I'm spending a lot of time now on another project, which I can actually sell, instead of Carbonite.

We will continue to release new versions as time permits. We shall see how things go with the 3.1 patch, since Carbonite Quest will be broken by several changes Blizzard made and lots of people will have to upgrade to Carbonite.
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Sadly its true that most people don't wish to donate for a great add-on. Questhelper lost its support and the only good altenative is Carbonite.

By the way. I've never subscribed for Carbonite. Its a pure principial situation that if I pay for a game I won't be paying for a mod. However donating would be the least thing I could to when I saw that the Carbonite went public.

I hope there are more people that think the same as me. That would proberly support Carbonite enough for the coming time
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Unfortuneately its all too true. If something can be had for free most people wont pay. More than likely it will be people who originally paid for carbonite that will continue to do so. Those coming to it after the change wont be so inclined. I haven't donated since the change over but am still within the time period of my original subscription. Once my original sub is up I will happily donate more as the money is well deserved. I would like to donate more anyway but just cant afford to be paying again for something I already bought . I have a couple of friends who used to use quest who have not yet donated, I'll remind them too as I know they plan too but its just getting round to it (they were intending to sub before the change).

I know I and many others have said it before but it really is great of you to be carrying on development of Carbonite after Blizzards idiotic policy change, thank you.
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It seems that these forums are getting busier by the minute today (there's 107 viewing as a I write this, compared to just 10 around the same time a few days ago).

Hopefully this should translate into a lot more people donating over the coming days/weeks/months/years

I also think (and hope) that in time Blizzard may revise it's policy.. unless they specifically want to reduce the number of quality mods out there.. which seems contrary to Blizzards own text, as well as being stupidly counter-productive.

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Personally I'm in a difficult financial situation myself, so I can not afford donating to the freeware/open source projects I enjoy for the moment. I really do hope that'll change soon, and when it does, I will be continuing my support

Very interested to hear about that new project of yours though Faatal
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Originally Posted by Unbelievable View Post
I also think (and hope) that in time Blizzard may revise it's policy.. unless they specifically want to reduce the number of quality mods out there.. which seems contrary to Blizzards own text, as well as being stupidly counter-productive.
Destroying high-quality mods is definitely counter-productive... The possibility to use mods like Carbonite or similar AddOns is one thing which made me switch from GuildWars to World of Warcraft. Questing in GuildWars is a pain in the ass... Literally... You have to look up most of the Quests in those well known wikis and forums and sites and crap... So basically 90% of the time you are playing you constantly switch between the game and Questing-Informations.

I decided to play WoW (and spend 13 Euro each month) because Questing in WoW is a little bit easier... Ok, Quests here are more or less easier by design, but using Carbonite makes it a damn lot easier still.

I guess if Blizz manages it to destroy Addons like Carbonite and similar ones, they would see a decline in active accounts, as a lot of people would possibly switch to GW instead...

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