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12-08-07, 04:39 PM   #1
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Auto reply chat mod request

I'm looking for a really simple mod that has a very basic function but flexibility would be nice.

If someone sends me a whisper of just "ty" then I reply with "yw". I do a lot of drive by buffs as my priest and don't expect anything but usually get a "ty". I'd actually prefer to reply to a "ty" with "You're welcome ".

Also, when in a 25 man raid and I buff, rez, etc then I'd like to reply to a "ty" or "thanks" with "You're welcome ". Some people send a "ty" to me when they get a rez but to be honest I'm tied up with buffs and other rezzing to reply but would still like to, hence the auto-reply.

Sound simple ? Already exist ?

Important note. The auto-responder has to never reply with "yw" or "You're welcome " by mistake to words with "ty" in them, i.e. "gritty", "pretty..." etc should never create a response.

Thanks in advance.
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05-26-08, 02:24 AM   #2
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Would also like this

But can we get it to scan guild chat too?

As shallow as this sounds, I would like an addon that scans for :
  • guild members logging on
    And say something in gchat
  • players in my friends list logging on
    And say something in whisper to them
  • words in guildchat/whispers
    And respond to that word in whisper/gchat
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