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Question LUA: Detecting stealth in WeakAuras 2


I'm trying to set up WeakAuras for a friends rogue. He want's it to show when it's good to re-apply things like rupture (E.g. if he opened from stealth using rupture it's better to wait until the DoT ends before using it again as the new DoT will do less damage, and to include the pandemic timer etc). Using /run in game I can detect stealth using `UnitAura` but it's not working in WeakAuras.


Lua Code:
  1. function(event, ...)
  3.     local wa_stealthed, wa_vanishing
  5.     for i=1,40 do
  6.         appliedBuff = UnitAura("player", i, "PLAYER|HELPFUL")
  7.         if (select(1, appliedBuff) == "Stealth") then
  8.             DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Detected Stealth...");
  9.             wa_stealthed = appliedBuff
  10.         elseif (select(1, appliedBuff) == "Vanish") then
  11.             DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Detected Vanish...");
  12.             wa_vanishing = appliedBuff
  13.         end
  14.     end
  15. -- Next I detect rupture from the event and determine what to display etc.
  16. end

The chat messages in the code above never appear in chat when Rupture triggers the event, but it works in chat with /run (although I need to remove the elseif and variables to shorten it to fit in chat).

All I can think of is that by the time Rupture triggers the event it has already removed stealth from the player. So I added a second event `UPDATE_STEALTH` to the same trigger just to see if it would work but when entering and leaving stealth that event doesn't fire.

Can anyone suggest another way to do this? Alternatively is it possible to detect how much damage the DoT is doing vs how much the next one will do?

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