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RDX 8.2.2 available

RDX 8.2.2 is for patch 4.3

Fix copy paste error on chatframes
Add item cooldown (from brainn)
Add ThirdParty to the classic menu
texture class icon coord
fix portrait problem

Instantiate combat log at startup
Add feature Shader: Texture Transform
Change title name for shaders
Remove feature IsRaidInrange
add slash command toggledesk (to lock/unlock desktop)
Add a showgloss option in the action bar.

Default button skin color
add new portrait 3D feature
fix new portrait 3d
fix the update function
add 0.3f to the scale of desktop tool
Show button skin when drag and drop spell
Allow remove aura when out of combat
Add showgloss and default border color to button skin
change the repaint of aura bar
Modify aurabar for color
Not tested yet. to be fixed at home
Modify aurabar: add blend color to bar and text timer
fix spell filter for casting bar

add new option to texture picker
Fix a gametooltip issue
Add some profiling functions

Fix minimapJFD button and encounter journal

Thanks you
Best regards
RDX manager
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