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Make TSM show craft price and profit on all craftable items.

In wow classic. I'm trying to edit file that I think must regulate its behaviour, so far my tinkering made TSM crafting tab completely dissapear from tooltips.
Default behaviour is showing crafting tab only for learned recipes.

Here is the code:
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
--                                TradeSkillMaster                                --
--                http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tradeskill-master               --
--                                                                                --
--             A TradeSkillMaster Addon (http://tradeskillmaster.com)             --
--    All Rights Reserved* - Detailed license information included with addon.    --
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --

local _, TSM = ...
local Crafting = TSM.Tooltip:NewPackage("Crafting")
local L = TSM.L
local private = {}
local DEFAULTS = {
	craftingCost = true,
	matPrice = false,
	detailedMats = false,

-- ============================================================================
-- Module Functions
-- ============================================================================

function Crafting.OnInitialize()
	TSM.Tooltip.Register("Crafting", DEFAULTS, private.LoadTooltip)

-- ============================================================================
-- Private Helper Functions
-- ============================================================================

function private.LoadTooltip(tooltip, itemString, options)
	itemString = TSMAPI_FOUR.Item.ToBaseItemString(itemString)

	if TSM.Crafting.CanCraftItem(itemString) and options.craftingCost then
		local cost, spellId = TSM.Crafting.Cost.GetLowestCostByItem(itemString)
		if cost then
			local buyout = TSM.Crafting.Cost.GetCraftedItemValue(itemString)
			local profit = buyout and (buyout - cost) or nil

			local costText = cost and tooltip:FormatMoney(cost) or "|cffffffff---|r"
			local profitColor = (profit or 0) < 0 and "|cffff0000" or "|cff00ff00"
			local profitText = profit and tooltip:FormatMoney(profit, profitColor) or "|cffffffff---|r"
			tooltip:AddLine(L["Crafting Cost"], format(L["%s (%s profit)"], costText, profitText))

			if options.detailedMats then
				local numResult = TSM.Crafting.GetNumResult(spellId)
				for _, matItemString, matQuantity in TSM.Crafting.MatIterator(spellId) do
					local name = TSMAPI_FOUR.Item.GetName(matItemString)
					local matCost = TSM.Crafting.Cost.GetMatCost(matItemString)
					local quality = TSMAPI_FOUR.Item.GetQuality(matItemString)
					if name and matCost and quality then
						tooltip:AddSubItemValueLine(matItemString, matCost, matQuantity / numResult)

	-- add mat price
	if options.matPrice then
		local matCost = TSM.Crafting.Cost.GetMatCost(itemString)
		if matCost then
			tooltip:AddItemValueLine(L["Mat Cost"], matCost)
I highlighted the line that I want to be displayed on every craftable item, not only on which I can craft myself.

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Your best bet is post a pastebin or link this thread to the TSM/Woweconomy Discord server. Use the #Classic-Support channel.


http://support.tradeskillmaster.com/ to get the Discord link again. It's at the bottom middle. The TSM devs watch for support there.
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