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Hud Setup

Hello again all,

I've finally got everything set up and working. I'm currently in the process of tweaking and have a few more questions. I'm reading the User Guide found on the web page about the HUD Bars. I recall seeing somewhere a picture of the hud display with arrows indicating which section was what and what the name of each part was. Are there any images that are labeled and display all the parts of the nUI? In particular, there is a bar with arrows and what not on it, which after browsing some forum posts, I think is called the healthrace(?) bar. Now reading the guide to figure out what it does. At any rate, a labeled pic of the hud would be useful, i just can't remember where i saw it.

The other quick question, if i disable the cooldown bars, in my solo player frame does it also disable it in party mode or 10 man mode? I don't really need it solo questing etc but would like it in party and raid frames. Just curious.

Thanks Bryan
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At present there are no screen shots identifying all the pieces parts of the HUD. Sorry.

In short, using the player/target mode, the player health/power is the long bars on the left, their pet/vehicle is the short bars. The target's health/power is on the right with the ToT on the short bars. The target and ToT may be replaced with the focus and focus-target if you use the '/nui hud focus' option.

Debuffs on the player appear in the upper left corner of the HUD just below the player's name. Debuff's on the player's pet/vehicle are about mid-way up the left side of the HUD just below the pet/vehicle's name.

The auras on the right side are a little more complicated because they're adaptive. If the target or ToT are hostile to you, then the HUD will display the buffs on them, otherwise if the target or ToT is friendly, then the HUD will display the debuffs that are on them. Just think of it like this, all of the auras that are displayed on the outside edges of the HUD are to the player's detriment, or to the party/raid's detriment.

The elements in the center of the HUD are the target's casting bar at the top of the HUD and the range to the target at the bottom of the HUD. The first bar above the range is the cooldown bar... it shows the spells you have on cooldown and how long until they are ready to cast again. When a spell goes ready, the spell name will print on the bar and an alery sound plays. You can turn the text alert off with the command '/nui hud cdalert' and you can turn the audio alert off with the command '/nui hud cdsound' -- the command '/nui cooldowns' turns the whole bar off and these settings apply to all HUD modes, not just the current one.

The next bar above that is your DOT/HOT bar... it shows the debuffs *you* have cast on the current target if the target is hostile, otherwise, it will show the buffs *you* have cast on friendly targets. The number displayed below the icon is how long until the aura expires.

Above the DOT bar is the casting bar. It has three parts... the cast bar itself, a latency bar (blue) which leads the cast by however much your current latency is... when the latency bar vanishes, you can cast your next spell even if the current spell is still active. The cast bar also includes a global cooldown indicator... the ball on a string. While the GCD indicator is displayed, you cannot cast any action that is on the global cooldown.

The last item is the green bar with the three triangles that only appears when you have a hostile target. That's the health race bar and you'll want to get used to that in PvP... it really helps. I strongly recommend using the "Simple HUD" mode in PvP with the health race bar enabled. Otherwise, '/nui hud healthrace' will turn it off.

That's about it.

Feel free to ask if you have questions.

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