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Originally Posted by Cladhaire View Post
To be fair any site can have issues, including this one. The important thing is educating the users and making sure they have the knowledge and information necessary in order to make informed decisions.

No system is bulletproof. Computers fail, humans get lazy, it happens. How you react to the issue is almost as important as the fact that the issue happened in the first place. I'm glad to see WoWUI is finally getting around to removing the files in question.

But some sites work harder then others. Having been a victim of the allakhazam debacle several years ago and having my account compromised from it I am EXTREMELY wary of most sites. I have seen what happens here when a attempt is made to pass an infection to users.

Wow Interface should be the example that all should follow. At least thats my opinion and I stand by it...
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Just to compile the important posts into one:

That's right three viruses in two days.

Looks like the same people this time pretending to be the Curse Updater. Please don't be fooled into downloading this one either.

F-Secure Client Security says:

22 October 2008 16:28:25 - 16:28:28
Computer name: ----
Scanning type: Scan target
Target: Addons\30000\CurseUpdaterzip-1224675514.zip
Result: 1 malware found

Trojan-Spy.Win32.Ardamax.n (virus)
The relevant forum thread here is http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?t=14710

Just to clarify:

NO ONE from Curse had anything to do with this, I've reported it to have it taken down.

More Intel:

File is/was a fake. The readme.txt in the archive is a verbatim copy of the wikipedia entry on Kafka and the only other file is a file called MetzRemix.exe which is virus/trojan infected. This has nothing to do with the curse client nor does it have anything to do with the real MetzRemix which is an actual UI compilation, and everything to do with someone trying to trick people into installing a trojan by using a fake association.

The offending poster Quarenteen (http://wowui.worldofwar.net/?p=profile&u=411659) faked being WoWAce and Curse. WoWUI has claimed to have banned that user now. I hope they share IP with wowinterface and curse to avoid that the same folks try other ways to trick people again (without at least switching IP addresses).
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