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An Aku'mai Servant
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last night whilst playing at scar vale , feralas i was continuosly ganked by a female bloodelf named Helin .
she was five levels higher than me and a locke so i didnt stand much of a chance though i tried to fight back but in vain. now i do not mind getting killed once because its a PvP realm but what is it with certain poeple that they continuosly hang around a lower level player to make the game so not worth playing that they are forced to log off
its not the first time and i doubt it will be the last but i really do not see what they get out of being so nasty
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An Aku'mai Servant
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When i played my old rogue on EU darksorrow, illusion was always hanging around the low level places ganking all.

It kinda sux that they repeat kill you.
I usually kill a person once, then move on.
Others feel more powerful killing such lowbies who don't stand a chance over and over. sux
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Usually if someone is repeatly camping you and ganking you can do one of a couple of things:

- Rez at the GY and hang around your faction's town until your rez sickness wears off and your tormentor gets bored.

- Run to your corpse but DO NOT rez. Just wait until the ganker gets bored and leaves. This would be a good time for a bio break, get a snack, watch some TV, etc.

- Get some help. Either in the Local Defense channel or via your guild. Form a posse and hunt the annoying ganker down, they will get the message.

- If all else fails, rez at the GY and HS out. Come back some other time. If the ganker is camping the GY, then log out and go find some RL activity to keep you occupied for a time.
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I remember one time a 70 gnome mage was camping me for 3 hours. I just pressed numlock and had my ghost just keep running into a wall. I left WoW on for 3 hours while I went to my friends house, came back home and he left 10 minutes later. He needs a life

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