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PerfectRaid Beta-r77 FAQ

Here's a FAQ I put together, shamelessly copying and pasting from lots of posts Hopefully we can keep it up to date, correct, and helpful.

1/11/07 Edit: Attempting to update for r77. I'm doing this at work (shh don't tell) so let me know what doesn't work or works differently. Thanks.

** Please Note: This is a user FAQ of a mod that's still in beta. Some of the workarounds listed were not written by the author, so keep that in mind. **


-- How do I bring up the GUI? Type "/praid" or "/perfectraid".

-- How do I move the frames? Left-click and drag the health bars.

-- How do I lock the frames? You can't yet, but you will be able to in the release version.

-- How do I localize? In the Localization.en.us.lua file. Check here for more info: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ead.php?t=7852.

-- How do I show mana bars?

Look for the following code in PerfectRaid.lua and comment out the "bar:Hide()" line to "-- bar:Hide()" (Thanks Qat)

local bar = CreateFrame("StatusBar", nil, button.healthbar)
	bar:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", 0, 0)
	bar:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", 0, 0)
	button.manabar = bar
-- How do I make one column?

column:SetAttribute("maxColumns", 2)
column:SetAttribute("unitPerColumn", 20)
column:SetAttribute("maxColumns", 1)
column:SetAttribute("unitPerColumn", 40)
(Thanks Kitami)

-- How do I reset Perfectraid to display default buffs/debuffs for my class? Type "/script PerfectRaidDB = {}".

-- Iím getting a Dongle error, what do I do? Sounds like a personal problem. Update Clique.

-- I canít see the options on the GUI, what do I do? Update Clique, duh.

-- Can I have icons instead of text for buffs and debuffs? No, newbie, lern2Bstreamlined.

-- How do I change the scale? You can make changes in PerfectRaid_Hacks.lua:

function Hacks:UpdateScale(val)
	if InCombatLockdown() then return end
	local scale = val or PerfectRaid.db.profile.HacksScale
	for i=1,8 do
		local name = "PRHeader"..i
		local button = getglobal(name)
		if button then
-- Why am I getting a range check error? If you are not a healing class (no, bandages don't count) make a change to PerfectRaid_Range.lua where it says:

local spells = {
DRUID = L["Healing Touch"],
SHAMAN = L["Healing Wave"],
PRIEST = L["Lesser Heal"],
PALADIN = L["Holy Light"],
You can add

MAGE = "Remove Lesser Curse",

Or an appropriate spell for your class. If you are a healing class, shame on you for not training your healing spells!

-- How do I change the look of the health bars? In the file PerfectRaid.lua search for the code
self.headerDefaults = {
		Reverse = false,
		ColorClass = false,
		ColorSeverity = true,
For reverse bars, change "Reverse = false" to "Reverse = true".
For bars colored by class change "ColorClass = false" to "ColorClass = true".
For bars that don't change color with loss of HP change "ColorSeverity = true" to "ColorSeverity = false". (thanks Nahamnessa)

-- How do I sort by class instead of group?

1. Find and unncomment this line in blue :
-- TODO: Make this so we can actually instantiate frames as the users wants
for i=1,8 do
local name = "PRHeader"..i
self.db.profile.headers[name] = setmetatable({}, {__index=self.headerDefaults})
-- local header = self:CreateRaidFrame(name, "Group "..i, tostring(i), nil, PRHeader1)
2. Add this just below the section above:
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader1", "Warrior", "WARRIOR", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader2", "Priest", "PRIEST", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader3", "Druid", "DRUID", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader4", "Pally", "PALADIN", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader5", "Shaman", "SHAMAN", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader6", "Rogue", "ROGUE", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader7", "Mage", "MAGE", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader8", "Warlock", "WARLOCK", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader9", "Hunter", "HUNTER", nil, PRHeader1)
(thanks Shadmar)
-- Can I show party frames or focus frame in PerfectRaid? You will in the release.

-- Where do I submit requests? http://code.google.com/p/wow-perfectraid/issues/list
Ellianna 70 Priest Lothar
Evie 61 Warlock Lothar

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