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Suggestion: Why not LOCK this thread temporarily?

It's amazing to me that this Sub-Forum hasn't been locked (long ago!). There is no "Live Release Version" -- which works!

It's only common sense that new users will come to this forum looking to install Carbonite.
Yet, there are no disclaimers, warnings, suggestions, or anything to tell them that the "Live Release Version" is at least 9 months out-of-date (as of this post) and it is absolutely unusable! Nor, is there any convenient info posted for new visitors arriving at this web site about where to go to understand their options before downloading anything. That might help them and everyone else by avoiding redundant error reports, redundant questions, aggravation, etc.

Why isn't this Sub-Forum locked, renamed, or something else to stop the continual confusion? The same can be said for many of the other existing sticky's and Sub-Forum headings. I'm offering this only as a suggestion.

-- After Rythal releases what he wants, then he and the forum administrators can re-do the Sub-forum headings, sticky's, etc. so that they would be more informative and easier to navigate.

EDITED: 12/12/2014 - approx 10:30AM (Pacific)
-- I should have used the term Carbonite "Sub-forums" and their titles instead of the term "Thread".
-- I went ahead and changed those terms.

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on the main download page(right under the download button), it says it was last updated 3-11-13. so it is stated that the release version listed is out of date. since people can't seem to read that, why do anything such as a sticky or lock a thread? trolls will just find another part of the forum to post it in. also, to lock the forums for it would block the active parts where people are getting updated info and trying to help instead of trolling about why it hasn't been locked.

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