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Question LUI Problem?

I've been using LUI (newest version) for the past few months and I love it. It's perfect for literally everything I want to do and even have the profile set up that works perfectly for every one of my characters.

However, I've noticed a problem that only occurs on my druid, and I suppose it's a 'stance' thing.

Note, before the rest of this --- I do not have bartender. I just don't like, nor need it.

So it seems as though my bars are mirroring. Anything I put on bar 3 is mirrored on bar 1, and vice versa. I can't seen to figure out how to change this where I can put more on my bars without it being mirrored on the 'corresponding' bar.

I realize I could easily just throw it over onto the other set of bars, but rather keep all my active spells on the left side with my various other shenanigan-y type things on the right. Not to mention, clean up the 'double' effect that's going on there.

Any little bit of help towards fixing this problem would me amazing. Thanks in advance!
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You probably have bar 1 paged to show bar 3. In the default UI you can do this by clicking the arrows between the action bar and the micro menu. There is also a keybind for this, which you probably accidentally pressed. Go into the keybindings menu to see what yours is currently set at, put it back to your bar 1, and then unbind that functionality so that you don't do it again.
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