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/nui bagbar bug

I was trying to learn what the different slash commands were to /nui bagbar by just typing that in - that gave me a bugsack error :

2009/03/23 02:03:42-301-x1]: nUI-5.01.01\Bars\nUI_BagBar.lua:137: attempt to index field 'nUI: [ %s ] is not a valid bag bar visibility option... please choose from %s, %s or %s' (a nil value)
nUI-5.01.01\Integration\nUI_SlashCommands.lua:82: in function `value'
Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3231: in function <Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3163>:
<in C code>: in function `ChatEdit_ParseText'
Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2930: in function `ChatEdit_SendText':
Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2951: in function `ChatEdit_OnEnterPressed':
<string>:"*:OnEnterPressed":1: in function <[string "*:OnEnterPressed"]:1>


my bad or a bug ?

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Both our faults... You're supposed to give the command an argument...

/nui bagbar on
/nui bagbar off
/nui bagbar mouseover

My fault for throwing an error when I was trying to tell you that you made and error ~smile~

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