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Mailboxes, forges, etc question

Rythal, just curious as to where you get the data for new widgets like mailboxes, anvils, forges, etc? I know lots of them were pre-coded in the version you inherited, but how are you pulling data for new ones?

Also, what about resources like mines and herbs? Are you using something like GatherMate2_Data or Gatherer_WoWHeadDB? Does Carbonite support Gas Clouds and Fish Pools? Last time I checked, Gatherer_WoWHeadDB did not support Gas Clouds and Fish Pools, but GatherMate2_Data does, but things may have changed in the 1+ years since I last looked.

No, I don't have any problems, but that's because with me not using Carbonite, it is a bit of a cop-out, but colour me curious, especially given that the phasing in Karasang Wilds changes the locations for gathered resources before and after, and I know GatherMate2 handles the phasing perfectly. I am thinking I will give Carbonite a test run sometime soon, but I want to make sure I don't lose information (I don't mean lose SV data, more of a "hey, I used to be able to see X before, and can't now") after the switch.

Also, confirmed via comments on WoWHead, Redbelly Mandarin no longer exists in Jade Forrest, and can only be fished in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
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Carbonite does show gas clouds, but only if you're near them with the Extractor tool in your bags. Carbonite shows them as a dot moving around when in range, but will leave no icons behind after a successful extraction. Given that gas clouds move around, a fixed location on the map might not be useful. *shrug*
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a lot of the information came from wowhead I believe, the gentleman doing the chinese version, wowbaby, got them. The nodes were from gathermate and converted to carbonite data, tho sometime down the road after i'm done quests, I'm going to be redoing the nodes to remove the bytecode like the rest and at that time i'll look into natively supporting gathermate and/or gatherer.

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