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Library help?

Im not new to UIs. Been using them since release for most part. However ive never made them and never really tried. I downloaded a UI package a while ago and noticed that it increased my load times and such by at least 10x. Going though all the add ons (deleting ones i know ill never use) i noticed that almost half of the addon folders were libraries. How do i determine which libraries arent needed or wont be used so WoW isnt loading them up sucking up a ton of system resources?
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In theory, you shouldn't need to delete any library, because repeated ones would not be loaded. However, you will always have to load each library kind at least one time for your addons to work, and that can be bloating anyway.

You can't remove the libraries, only the repeated ones (and that is unnecessary). The only way to improve your addons performance is to switch to others that use with lighter libraries.

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If the package was put together properly, then only required libraries should of been included. And as jaliborc mentioned libs will only be loaded once into memory.

If you still want to determine which libs are required, then you can look at the .TOC file(s) for required libs and OptDeps.
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Libs are only loaded into memory if they are *requested* by an addon. (There are a couple like Threat and LibHealComm that load anyway so they can transmit data.)

If the libraries are installed like regular addons (ie, Interface\AddOns\libraries) then they will follow the above rule. They will not affect loading time.

If libraries are installed embedded within the addon that requires them (ie, Interface\AddOns\Bartender3\libraries) then that means that there is likely multiple copies of the same library. This will slow down the game loading a little bit, as it goes through the versions and throws out unneeded ones (will load the most recent version of a library), but that's all. It only increases initial load time - not zoning time or memory.

From the way you describe it in the OP, you are using the first approach. Standalone libraries. In that case, libraries aren't the cause of your load time. Most likely it's large data mods.
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