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oUF_Qulight edit, and AuraWatch.

Looking for some help with the AuraWatch plugin on oUF. I have been looking at it with a bit of trial and error but I'm not the greatest at fixing major functions.

Currently there is this piece of code for the AuraWatch settings and it creates a basic icon for the buffs chosen but they have no border, no timers and they're awkward to position / space on the unitframes. The icons also always appear in the same place, in order of the spell list given when you set the spell ID. If you have 1 or 4 icons they will leave spaces in-between if that particular buff isn't there.


I'd like to have it work similar to a normal buff icon on a frame, with a skin, count and timer but I have no idea which parts to change, endless breaking of the layout has ensued.

The current buff and icon settings are as follows however I do not know which bit will help with the aurawatch as their is a few different functions:


Any help with this would be amazing as it would help me clear up my party/raid frames of buffs I don't need to track.

here's what it looks like currently, the aurawatch has the spiral timer and no border above the target buffs and debuffs.

Thanks in advance
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