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Nikita S. Doroshenko
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Battle.Net Real ID Friends Watcher

Very lightweight and very CPU efficient AddOn! You can now track and watch for your Real ID Battle.Net Friends, when they login to World of Warcraft game world, or logout. Download Link.

I made this AddOn, because lot's of my friends continuously staying online in Battle.Net, and when they login from Battle.Net to a WoW game world, game not showing you this. This AddOn watching for a few events: BN_FRIEND_ACCOUNT_ONLINE/OFFLINE, BN_TOON_NAME_UPDATED and if your friend change App from Battle.Net to WoW this AddOn will inform you. As well I add faction icon near Game Icon.

If you got any ideas or thoughts how i can improve this AddOn, or if you'll find bugs, or errors, please let me know.

I will very apreciate for your help and support with translating this AddOn to multiple languages, and for helping me to review my English localization strings below:

Lua Code:
  1. L["ADVANCED_INTERFACE_FRIENDS_FRAME_TRACK_TOOLTIP"] = "Watch for your friend's activity"
  3. L["ADVANCED_INTERFACE_FRIENDS_FRAME_TRACK_MESSAGE"] = "You are now watching for: \"%s\"" -- %s = Fried's Name
  4. L["ADVANCED_INTERFACE_FRIENDS_FRAME_UNTRACK_MESSAGE"] = "You've stopped watching for: \"%s\"" -- %s = Fried's Name
  5. L["ADVANCED_INTERFACE_FRIEND_TRACKING_ONLINE"] = "%s (%s%s) has entered game world." -- %s = Fried's name, Game Icon, Character Name
  6. L["ADVANCED_INTERFACE_FRIEND_TRACKING_OFFLINE"] = "%s has left game world." -- %s = Fried's Name
  7. -- In future release i'll replace \"%s\" with %q for automatic quoting

Special thanks to Phanx (especially in this thread), MunkDev, Fizzlemizz, Seerah, semlar for helping me with code.
Thanks to all other people who support each other and help each other with coding.

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Neat addon idea.
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I'd suggest the following changes to your English strings:
  • You are now watching for: \"%s\" ==> You are now watching %s.
  • You've stopped watching for: \"%s\" ==> You are no longer watching %s.
  • %s (%s%s) has entered game world. ==> %s (%s%s) has logged into WoW.
  • %s has left game world. ==> %s has logged out of WoW.
Player, spell, and other names aren't typically quoted in English, though they are in some other languages. Entering and leaving the game world sound very technical (eg. addon authors talking about events like PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD) and not like something ordinary users would say.

I'll add translations on CurseForge for Spanish and German later.

Edit: On a side note, you shouldn't leave lines in your TOC file like this:
## Title-deDE:
If you don't have a description for a language yet, just omit the line entirely; otherwise users in that language will see no description at all, instead of falling back to English.

Also, this:
## SavedVariables: Version, Current
SavedVariables are global, so they should follow all the usual rules about naming global variables --- they should be unique (to avoid conflicting with other intentional or accidental globals) and they should identify their owner (so if they show up in an error message the user has some hope of knowing which addon caused the error). Names like "AdvancedFriendsUI_Version" and "AdvancedFriendsUI_Current" would be much better.
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