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10-16-12, 06:03 PM   #21
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Rythal you are the best, take your time.
10-16-12, 07:10 PM   #22
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No need to put more pressure on yourself.
take a deep breath...
I think milestones would be a great way to track progression.
10-18-12, 12:29 AM   #23
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Here's what's done so far.... (still can't figure out silvershard mines damnit)

- Small bug fixes in questing from lua errors sent in
- Native Archeology Blobs on carbonite map
- Option under "Show" right click menu for enabling or disabling them
- Transparency Option for the blobs under "Transparency" right click menu
- Native Quest Blobs on carbonite map instead of the temporary fix minimap blobs
- Same options as archeology above
- Checked and fixed any problems with instances that were not showing (I actually flew to every one and zoned in to verify they worked now)
- Auto-zooming to instance maps scale (works in every instance i've tried EXCEPT Scarlet monastary, for some reason it does not trigger a zone change when you first enter it.. will work on trying to fix that later)
- if tomtom emulation is enabled, now supports the /way command
- every file is now utf-8 instead of ascii so hopefully localization works out of the box

still to do:
- fix wandering isle map
- figure out the silvershard mine map
- have quest blobs test if they are known internally before drawing to avoid overlapping duplicates in old world zones that carbonite already drew it's own blobs for
10-18-12, 04:51 AM   #24
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Wow nice progress so far. Keep it up bud.
10-18-12, 02:57 PM   #25
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../cheers for Rythal. Thank you!
10-18-12, 04:31 PM   #26
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Awesome Job Rythal !! Thank you!

For the Alliance !!!!!
For the Horde !!!!!
10-18-12, 09:30 PM   #27
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I haven't used Carbonite since BC (as I absolutely hate leveling so only do one character) but from the effort you have put in and the quality of you communication and frankly the response of the community, I think its fair to say you are doing a great job Rythal.

It is great to see addon authors that care about the users and the community, but don't let it stress you out. Like it has been said before: we can wait. And as Cairenn said, communication goes a long way!

So cheers to you brother! I will down a glass in your name!
Originally Posted by us2006027321 View Post
Certain long-standing political, pseudo-religious Roman traditions have taken you seriously and notified their Knights Templar and Illiuminati appropriately. Your move... /grin
10-20-12, 01:04 PM   #28
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IMO i am not worried about the maps for BGs i just want the quest tracker to work like it once did. I want to be able to do my quests without having to tab out for the ones that are not in the database. also with the rep the way it is i do have one real request. a quest line tracker. I want to be able to open the trackers and set it to find the closest quest so that i can finish the areas out. this would also be good for anyone who wants to finish every single quest in the game.
10-21-12, 04:22 PM   #29
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That's a mighty nice list of upgrades!

I'm looking forward to quest blobs on the main map instead of the mini-map.

(tbh, you should just use the blizzard POIs instead of Carbonites old ones, but that's just me. Having one tiny blob out in the middle of nowhere for one quest mob that happened to be placed there out of some masochist feeling from a quest designer was just odd...)

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