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Question Quest Database

Seems most of the quests are still coming up as not found in the quest database (oranged out radio button in the watcher frame). Is this still on the to-do list, or am I missing something?
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its still on the todo list I believe Rythal is working on the getting the Maps part of Carbonite working then he will work on the Quests part of Carbonite which is a MASSIVE task to say the least afaik.
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Originally Posted by unstoppixel View Post
Seems most of the quests are still coming up as not found in the quest database
I'd suggest using WoW-Pro leveling addon until the Carbonite quest database is updated. It's another great free option. It will even set your arrow for quest locations, as Carbonite is compatible with TomTom. The addon includes leveling guides for every zone, as well as dailies, professions, and holidays.

Note: for some reason it wouldn't let me put a link in, but you can download this addon from their site at wow-pro . com or on curse.com... oddly, I can't find it on WoWInterface.
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Wait what? He's doing the map first? Are you kidding me? What was the point of having the vote then? The majority of the community clearly wants quests fixed over the map FIRST.
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The question in the poll was quests or "Map as it's own addon", not just Maps.

I have been doing fixes to Carbonite as a whole which covers Maps, and Quests just to make the addon usable in the mean time because it is not going to be an easy task nor one that I can snap my fingers and have finished.

I will admit openly I am having second thoughts about doing quests first even tho I asked what people want, only because I can tear apart the quest system and rebuild it so it works, but what will that gain me... i'll have no map to display quest information on without having done the singular map addon first. But I might do it anyways just because it is what won the vote.

I'm also thinking about adding micro-dungeon support to the existing product before I start doing the rebuilds.
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You may want to look at the Grail addon to use as a quest database.
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Originally Posted by Nimhfree View Post
You may want to look at the Grail addon to use as a quest database.
I would really second that thought. Why try to reinvent the wheel when someone has already created a nice high performance radial on some sweet 20" alloy rims. Not to mention they are constantly polishing those alloys to keep em shiny.

Wholly and the Grail db are what I used to replace Carb because I no longer wanted nor used all the features it had. Not to mention the update issues etc.

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