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KGPanels Border Art

I've been wanting to draw up some nice borders, something like Aftermath has. However, I can't seem to get them to work with KGPANELS. I can get the artwork loaded and I've done the design in powers of two. Looking at other border artwork it seems to be divided by 4 equally with top, bottom, sides. It just doesn't look right, borders never show properly.

Does kgpanels have a very limited border ability?
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Hi I always had problems with making nice borders, could only make simple pixel borders until I found this: Backdrop Slicer

Makes border easy, just make a nice square border and this will slice and rearrange the image for you.

Hopes this helps you out.

Sorry forgot to add, if you make the image 128x128 and then use a backdrop edge of 32, this works best for me.

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Or if you don't want to run an .exe...


They are actually split into 8 sections. As such, your dimensions for the file should be 1:8 (while the length and width stays a power of two). So... 8x64, 16x128, etc. Then use an image editor which has a grid you can show and set this grid to divide your canvas into 8 equal sections (with subsections, if you like).
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