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How to find out how many action bars a players is using?

Hi all,

I'm using rActionbarStyler for my action bars, and have the 3 main action bars stacked above each other. I am trying to create a frame that adds a background for these, but sometimes I have only 2 action bars shown and sometimes 3.

This is the code I'm using to frame 2 bars:
barbg:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", ActionButton1, "TOPLEFT", -4, 4)
barbg:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", MultiBarBottomLeftButton12, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 4, -4)
	bgFile =  "Interface\\ChatFrame\\ChatFrameBackground", 
	edgeFile =  "Interface\\ChatFrame\\ChatFrameBackground", 
	edgeSize = 1, 
	insets = 1
barbg:SetBackdropColor(0, 0, 0,.3)
barbg:SetBackdropBorderColor(0, 0, 0,1)
Now I need a way to find if 3 action bars are been used so I can add an 'if' statement to adjust the frame automagicaly.

So how do I find which action bars are been used?
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I use the global actionbar name and the IsShown() widget.

What I use for oUF_Diablo
lua Code:
  1. --code
  2.       if MultiBarBottomRight:IsShown() then
  3.         t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar3")
  4.       elseif MultiBarBottomLeft:IsShown() then
  5.         t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar2")
  6.       else
  7.         t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar1")
  8.       end
  9.       MultiBarBottomRight:HookScript("OnShow", function() t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar3") end)
  10.       MultiBarBottomRight:HookScript("OnHide", function() t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar2") end)
  11.       MultiBarBottomLeft:HookScript("OnShow", function() t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar2") end)
  12.       MultiBarBottomLeft:HookScript("OnHide", function() t:SetTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\rTextures\\bar1") end)
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