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A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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Better Map for navigating roads?

One of the big shocks coming back to wow is that flying is like a mega quest chain now and I am spending a ton of time running / driving around the place.. so navigating roads is super important.. particularly when going to legion as that place is crazy.

So when you press the ! you get a popup of the map you can look at as you move around. Still as there is so much info with quests and all, the road system is hard to see. So you press M to load the full screen map...now you can not move or have to move blind and also it always starts zoomed out so you need to zoom in to clearly see the road systems.

Anyone got any suggestions for mods that make navigating the roads easier? What would be cool would be a semi transparent frame you could load or something that was a map, but with the raids clear and zoomed in by default... that you can still run, turn and stuff while it was up.

But open to any suggestions that make navigating roads easier.

EDIT - I found and trying OMEGAMAP at the moment... any other suggestions welcome.

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A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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You may give enhance-battlefieldminimap a try
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