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nUI DOT Tracker

Ok I know this is off the normal but I've used nUI for years but since moving to 3 monitors the setup isn't the best. So I'm creating my own but I can't seem to find a addon that will track my DOT's for druid the way nUI does. Currently I'm using bartender4 and it won't fade out when I"m to far away and when I place Sunfire/Moonfire it won't count down how much time is left per mob that I've currently targeting. I have loved this feature of nUI for years and I can't find a replacement and its kept me using nUI for that long and i have donated before to help development I don't suppose you could make that a seperate addon? I would be inclined to donate a little more for this and I know the druid community would love you I can use NeedToKnow but I don't want to I don't like the setup that way.
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That feature was based on Inline Aura's as it is one that I used for ages before switching to nUI and requested the feature to be added myself. It seems to be updated still on curse.

What is the problem with 3 monitors with nUI in case it is resolvable.
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nUI6 does/will work easily with three monitors. All you would have to do is tweak the size and location of the UI and World frames in the layout file. You can put the UI on one screen and the world on the other two, or put the world frame on all three and limit the UI to any one of the three screens, etc. You just have to set up the boundaries of the world view and then where you want to locate the UI relative to it.

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