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Cool Wowhead Parsing with Python

This is just a little Python script I whipped up to parse out data from Wowhead pages. Originally it was just for use with Daily To-Do's, gathering quest data, but I thought I may as well share it.
It parses out the Json embedded in Wowhead pages' source, and turns it into nice Lua tables for use in addons or whatever else.

import json, urllib, re
from types import *

encoder = json.JSONEncoder()

url = 'http://www.wowhead.com/achievements'
p = urllib.urlopen(url)
p = p.read()

json_re = re.compile("new Listview\({template: '\w*', id: '\w*',.*data: (\[.*\])")

match = json_re.search(p)
f = open("parse.lua","w")
if match and f:
	data = match.group(1)
	data = data.strip()
	# parse with json
	datadic = json.loads(data)
	f.write("parseTable = {\n")
	for category in datadic:
		for key in category:
			if type(category[key]) is IntType:
				f.write("\t{0} = {1},\n".format(key,category[key]))
			elif type(category[key]) is ListType:
				f.write("\t{0} = {1},\n".format(key,str(category[key]).replace("[","{").replace("]","}")))
				f.write("\t{0} = \"{1}\",\n".format(key,category[key].replace("\"","\\\"")))
	print "Complete and written to 'parse.lua'!"
	print "Output:"
	f = open("parse.lua","r")
	print f.read()
	print "Error"
You can set the url variable to any Wowhead page that has Json embedded into it and it should magically come out into a nice Lua table you can use in your addons or whatever else you might need it for.
Not sure why I chose to use Python, seeing as prior to this script I had neither used or really seen it before, but whatever.
I'm sure this script is a horrible excuse for programming, but it works I guess.
Hopefully someone might find it useful.

Feel free to leave feedback or something.

NOTE: Wowhead imposes an artificial limit of 200 results, so not all results will be shown if there is more than 200.
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