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mirror/reflect Pet Frame


I'm looking for a simple addon that just changes the Blizz Pet frame a bit, but not the basic style. It should reflect and shorten the health, mana, focus bar right-to-left, hide the buffs / skills (it is enough to see them moving the mouse over the frame) and the name as in the target of the Target offset down. For Hunter Pets, it would be nice to hide the lucky symbol and incorporate that feature into a changing health color. For example, green, yellow, red for the individual degrees.

For a better understanding a picture of my user interface:


I have this idea / wish from an old vanilla addon "UnitFramesImproved". The new Classic version just make the Player/Target Frame bigger. Maybe you can use some elements of old Lua.


I tried to do it alone, but I have no knowledge about Lua and I hardly understand the DIY tutorials because my English is not very well and I only got headaches of it. By the way, I've done this text with Google Translater, so I apologize for the bad english of it .

I would be very happy if someone would help me thank you.

PS: Maybe there is also someone who speaks German and can teach it to me via Discord
PS: Vielleicht findet sich ja auch jemand der deutsch spricht und es mir via Discord beibringen kann
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A Defias Bandit
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138 views, but no one feels called to answer? Too bad and sad, thought in a community, you help each other ...
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Unfortunately you can't assume that all those views were from addon creators. They could be from other addon users that liked the sound of your idea and were similarly afflicted with limited ability to write it themselves.

If you are hoping someone would create an addon of this type you may have to wait until someone who is interested. And by the sounds of it no one was interested in such as task, at least at the moment. Maybe because they are busy with their own addons or like you not that well versed in creating them.

Your request is here .. maybe at some point in the future someone will step up and work on it .
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